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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Something we haven't covered

I met a very nice lady in Edinburgh last year- she rented her apartment to us in the middle of town. It was very nicely firnished and very central, I can recommend it as a base for the festival. She had an unusual name, which turned out to be from her husband, an Iraqi doctor who has lived int eh UK since the seventies to avoid the predations of Hussain. She has plenty of family there now, and a more lucid and engaging condemnation of the actions of the US/UK forces could not be imagined.

For months now I have recieved email updates and passed these on to friends in output areas, but the reaction isn't there. I fear that there is exaustion, and that bar a few areas where the journalistic spirit is still kicking hard (in well defined limited areas) there simply isn't much fight left in this place.

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