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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Me and My Mo

And so Movember draws to it's long awaited, and yet precipitous close. For four straight weeks I've been growing the most absurd facial hair I have ever considered diplaying, and done so against all manner of insult and accusation. This tache has endured allegations of 'thiness', 'fatness', victorianism, 'Fred Dibnerism' and even, in the end, of making me look like an over fed hamster. It has iched and bothered, strained soup, and tickled, and on occasion, I must admit, has picked up a vaguely cheesy aroma, if not very vigorously and thoroughly washed. I now wash it vigorously and thoroughly. Lots.

And yet, here we are, three days and a couple of public speaking engagements away from being once more clean shaven, and I am beginning to wonder if I won't miss it. The 'Flashman' comparisons are well recieved, and I'll miss the subtle double takes of the general public. 'Yes madam' I inwardly respond, 'this is indeed the finest tache you've seen today!'.

There's still opportunity to go to the Movember page and show your appreciation, or sympathy, by making a contribution to the very decent cause of prostate cancer awareness and research.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Blogging for Auntie

This is by way of an apology and an explanation of why this blog has tended not to get many posts just lately, and yet were you to ask me to my face, I'd tell you I've been blogging like mad. And the reason is- I've launched a new BBC R&D Blog!

Last Wednesday we went live, starting off with a great post from Matthew Postgate, controller of R&D, and since then we have posted on our recent triumphs at the RTS Innovation awards, the Distribution Application Layer research team, and the Ingex project in some detail. We're busly producing loads more posts and the plan is to have at the very least two a week appearing, but ideally rather more than that.

This does take a fair bit of coordination, cajouling and general whip cracking. As I've probably mentioned ad nauseam, the R&D team at Kingswood Warren is relocating early next year, and we're now counting the days (I've lost count, 91 today I think) till we go. That move will be pretty scarey- we have a two week window when both the new base and the old are open! Submitting blog posts is often a fair way down staff members priority list, and fair play to them for that.

Getting posts out at the same time as rebuilding the complete R&D website is proving very time consuming. Hey, it's near enough 1500 pages, it takes a while! Right now our plan is to have a big public hoo har and synch that with the move to Centre House (Feb 15th 2010) but we expect a soft launch some weeks ahead of that. May even let you know here.

Next week I'm up to MCR for BeeBCamp 3 which will be great I'm sure. maybe see a few good friends up there too!