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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Alcazabar & Mulacen

Alcazabar & Mulacen, originally uploaded by meeware1.

Sorry for all the inactivety here. However, here´s why- I was walking up these hills. Took me best part of a week from Ugihar to this point, and inthe end I didn´t do the big one, but it was great, and I stayed safe- later that day (sunday) the clouds came in, the vis dropped to nothing, and the temp went down fast. Meanwhile I was in the refuge drinking with jolly Norweigans and Germans.

I think this photo is taken from about 3181 metres, but I don´t know for sure- happy to be corrected.

Anyone want to buy some crampons?- only used once (by me).

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kickin' the habit

The 77O has flown home, the 9500 is back at the warren, and I am now running with a dinky little Motorola number. Not over enamoured of the new thing, but hey, at least it's just a phone, and it'll punt out a tweet when i need it to.

And now I'm flying off to spain, to what I'm not sure, but it'll be tech light. I have decided to take the Ogg though. Wasn't going to, but decided there's a need to toons when walking a lot, and theres a little room to stick some Led Zep and Neil Young and Lonnie Liston Smith in there, so, yeah, why not.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hurgh! The habit really kicks in

Ok, so this 9500 is a really nice piece of kit. Symbian is a bit ropey, the applications seem to need a pointer that the device doesn't have- the joystick is useless in trying to do a presentation- but a stylus or mousey type thing would be great.

However, there is something rather like a killer app taking place when you start to do 'twitter' on a phone with a nice big keyboard. Ooooh, lovely.

Have to use the keyboard though, becuase for some insane reason, there's no predictive text in this falsh gordon housebrick (mustn't have been room for it after they squeezed in a massive useless powerpoint application- sheesh!

Richt, now I really want to get geo twitter workibng- can't yet see how people are letting it know where they are. Confused, intrigued, facinated even. Hooked.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mobile Gadgetry- Geek Crack

I swear this stuff is addictive. So I have borrowed a nokia 770 for a while- I like it- bugs and all. It's not mine, so perhas I haven't gone as far as I should have in personalising it; plus the whole loading of libraries for Linux apps is mildly intimidating- a may have done coding in a unix environment, but that doesn't mean I was ever really comfortable with it.

Anyway, over the wekend I broke the second of my two spare old unlocked phones by dropping it really hard. Poor old nokia blob dies a sudden death, with no flicker of recovery. Yesterday therefore, after a very interesting Mobile SIG meeting, where we discussed future research invstment strategy cycles of development, the role of the BBC in the mobile landscape, and the role of the mobile in the bBC landscape, I went to scrounge a test phone of Steve Jolly.

Well bless him, he didn't have a phone handy, but there was a Nokia 9500 kicking around I could borrow for a few weeks.

Oh, blimey, what a beast. It took me an hour to find how to turn off the keystroke beep. Incredible machine. Not sure I go a bundle on Symbian just yet, and the keyboard has shades of the ZX81 about it, but this could be fun.

At the moment i've got it running on my tesco pay-as-you-go sim (very very cheap) but I might slip my work SIM into it later to see what the web access is like. Hmm. Its like I just graduated to freebasing.....!