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Friday, December 15, 2006

Eating my words

AHHHHAAAHHAhahaha ha ha ha , hem, herr, hurr, hmm. Oka, so was it just a few weeks ago I said RDA was simple project, just a little filler of a task, something to keep me busy I suppose? Yeah, well, erm, that was then. Ten days into running the project we have taken on a two month delay, thrown out ll the design documentation, realised the requirements are no where near, and embarked on a complete restructure of the project.
What's even more entertaining is that we have decided between all of the project partners that the only way to hit even this new, later, launch date, is to work like madmen until the middle of january, then drop absolutely pristine, faultless, impecable, detailed to the minutai specification on the developers, and then wait for them to deliver.
The DTI stuff is coming a rather distant second right now- and christmas parties are like landmines in my road.