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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Our semi- independant bretheren

Around the place at the moment are posters for UKTV content- this
seems a little odd. there is little or no public service rationale
behind their production, it's just the sort of programming that has
lowered the standing of the BBC in the audiences eyes, and it's only
available on sky- a mendacious and pernicious stain on the airwaves in
many ways.

In these troubled times a few staff members are less than happy with
this promotion, but then again many are unhappy with a challenge to
their role in producing this content. I've used strong alarmist
language in my commentary on this episode and it isn't really
appropriate to repeat it, but the intent was hyperbole, not
necessarily accuracy. In these troubled times though, umbrage was
taken, and probably rightly so.

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