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Thursday, January 01, 2009


So, I promised to post more, so here we go. This is a quick outline of the things I really hope to do at work this year:
  1. Do NAB- the big Las Vegas broadcast technology conference and trade show. The Avatar project will have a stand there showing off our prototype large scale A/V storage system, and current plan are to have one paper in conference and week of demos. Lots to do to get ready for that- I need to learn how to drive Final Cut Pro on macbooks first- and we are planning on shooting a film to take out with us too!
  2. Turn the ideas about a BBC micro for the 21st century into a real live project- no idea how, or where or what, but there enough great ideas swirling around this idea that it just has to fly.
  3. Get some of Steve Bowbrick's ideas about openess in the corporation into action- some of these are revolutionary in ways I can't even post about (hows that for irony!) but their all capable of properly shaking this place up!
  4. Fly more rockets.
  5. Visit more great out of London offices- Glasgow was a highlight of last year- I need to return to Manchester and Birmingham, and I really ought to get out to Belfast and Bristol!
OK, that'll do for a first stab, especially considering how fragile I feel after last night.

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