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Monday, September 03, 2007

Fire Poi in the wet

Fire Poi, originally uploaded by meeware1.

This is well overdue, and Rowan has a much better blog on the subject, but I am happy with the photo, so thought it fit to blog. Weekend before last Rowan double blagged us into the crew camping at the Green man festival for free- she wrote it up for an online review, so justifying the tickets, and we camped quickly in the driving rain to get a place in the crew field.
The festival was excellent and I can recommend it highly- for us it was a classic Rowan and Ant andventure and very welcome in this long wet summer. It did rain, lots, but inspite of it all we had two brilliant days of music and daze in the gorgeous Powys hills.
Highlight- My Brightest Diamond- I urge one and all to seek out these wonderful people. Also, I discovered MONSTERISM as a musical genre, and have since failed to find any trace- think bongo syncopated prog funk. YEAH BABY!

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