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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the green machine is here

So now I have this new, astounding, huge and actually slightly intimidating laptop. Except I thin if I had a lap this big I'd probably have spent the money on a gym membership, or perhaps be a horse. It's one of these but in metallic green, which they no longer do. They do do matt black now, which is nice, and intel dual core processors, which is very nice, but hey, I got mine and I love it. I will love it more when I prise Vista out of it's shell- my how I hate big rubbish OSs. Ahem, meanwhile it runs everything OK when it's not being asked anything to complex, and the screen resolution is staggering. I mean utterly mind blowing. And bright and crisp and if it's just rendering away, even running on only half it's video cards (thanks for that Vista!) it's a blinder. Just can't wait to sort out XP and Ubuntu on it. Yum!

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