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Friday, July 29, 2005

happy week

Horray into london three times and didn't get blown up at all! Yesterday's festival of flourescent jackets at Clapham junction was a tad surreal -seriously up to a dozen cops on every platform all day- but no obvious guns. Brighton station not so nice- two blokes with HK 5.56mm assault rifles do not make me feel reassured- and knowing the sort of mess those things make, I can't really see them being very useful in a crowd.

Anyhoo- the Glasgow Caledonian pair are back up north after impressing many with their Spoke Word a/v teaching tool. It's good to see people coming in and rocking the boat- shaowing us that there are plenty of ways to skin cats, and we shouldn't be too smug about our current feline peeling activeties.

Also R has bought a very natty sony mp3 player- sadly though it won't tak drag and dropped MP3s off a pc unless that PC is running Sony's own drm savvy application. Unless that is you install a new OS on the device. I got as far as finding the exe files for the new OS but she decided she'd rather not fillet the software on her shiny new toy just yet. Harumph.

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