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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mending Up: New Perspective

It's about four weeks now since I went under the knife for my spinal surgery, and I'm very very relived to say it's gone really well.  Most importantly of all the nerve pressure is gone- I can sit stand walk and do everything I want to without causing crushing damage to the nerves to my arm. No pain, no tingles, no nuthin.

It's clearly a long journey I need to take to be back to how I want to be, and that's probably not the same thing as being back to how I was.  I need to be fitter, healthier and I think in a 'better place' generally- my lifestyle before was self evidently unsustainable.  That change will take some time.  It may involve changing what I do and how I do it.

For now it will be a gentle process of building up the strength in my back and neck until I can start to do sensible exercise, perhaps Pilates or yoga, and longer walks for stamina.  As well as the surgery I'm getting over two and a half months of sedentary stasis.  I'm going to be more engaged, more active and more communicative online too- coming back into the world with an eye for the really interesting, and with a profound sense of gratitude for this second chance.

I owe a great deal to the clinicians and surgery staff to helped me to here and are continuing to support my recovery.  To my colleagues who have been deeply understanding and supporting.  To friends across the world who have encouraged me.  And to my family, near and far, especially my beautiful, brilliant, wonderful wife Rowan.

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