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Friday, August 05, 2011

Laid up

For the last four weeks I've been laid up with a slipped disk in my neck, a painful and perhaps predictable result of a very long commute, and the ignoring of many years of very stiff necks. Now that I have access to a laptop again (thanks to my patient wife's discovery of 'bed tables') it's about time I used this enforced rest time to some good. So, over the next few weeks I shall blog a little, about the work I was doing, the ideas around it that I didn't have time to explore more deeply when I was more mobile, about the circumstances I find myself in, and of course about the tremendous upcoming Brighton Mini Maker Faire, which I'm still involved in, if in a slightly less vigorous way.

I will probably have a good old moan about a few things too, so be braced. You see, i'm finding dealing with the NHS somewhat frustrating. Churlish of me no doubt, and I'll be the first to admit I am not at deaths door by any means and there may well be thousands more deserving and needful of their tender ministrations. However, the process of my diagnosis and treatment has been deeply flawed and dreadfully slow, to the point where 4 weeks on from initial presentation at A&E I still have no prognosis nor treatment plan. The local hospital appears to run in spite of it's management to be honest, with a few driven and diligent staff battling a morass of intransigent miss-understood processes and significant number of "spare wheels". Even the private sector in this neck of the woods is an incapable shower of halfwits from what I can tell, unable and unwilling to take the smallest steps to expedite treatment, and unable to offer solutions when problems present themselves.

Anyway, now you know the whinges are coming you can avoid them when they pop up- they'll be tagged #nhsfail and #dghfail (the latter in reference to the local hospital).

I shall sign off for now- apparently the Telegraph want to chat about Maker Faire and I need to be ready to take a call.


Mo said...

Y'know, I've a feeling some folk would recognise that description of an institution…

(Though I'd contend that it's not as bad as that).

I've asked Uri Geller to channel you some good vibes, as I don't go in for that sort of thing myself. Do yourself further injury attempting to do internetting and I'll come round there and beat you myself, though :P

Smithylad said...

Poor lad. Get well soon.
See you at Maker Faire, fingers crossed.

Cy said...

Aaargh, auto correct. I meant broken femur.