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Friday, August 19, 2011

Brighton Mini Maker Faire Countdown: 2 weeks

Here we are - D-14- in just two short weeks we'll be hustling the last of dConstruct out of the Dome complex and piling in with all manner of crazy, exciting, inventive creativity.

Jane Bom-Bane and her mechanical hat from Larchmont Films on Vimeo.

This is the final burn, so, friends and occasional readers of this oft neglected and seldom well written blog, now we put in the final burst. This is a call to arms, a request for help, a rallying cry, a stirring bullet pointed list of glory. If you can do any one of the things below you'll have my gratitude. Do a few and I owe you. Do them all and I'd seriously think about donating a body part (I have a spare disk soon to be removed... or perhaps not):

  • Invite all your Facebook friends to the Facebook event page and ask them to invite their friends
  • Tweet about the event, using the #bmmf hashtag and @MakerFaireBTN
  • Post a link to the web site on your LinkedIn profile feed:
  • Write about it on your blog/Tumblr/Facebook page etc. Don’t forget to link to
  • Display a PicBadge on your Facebook and/or Twitter profile pic
  • Bookmark on your Digg/Delicious/StumbleUpon profile
  • And the old school one – email all your friends and contacts to tell them about it
  • Ask any journalists/media contacts you have if they can write/broadcast about it (or pass contacts on to me if you prefer)

  • I know full well this probably counts as hectoring by now, but in all fairness I am laid up at home with a stuffed neck, and this is pretty much all I can do for an event that is a real passion of mine and any and all help you can give would be brilliant. Ta.

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