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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer of Gnnnnr

I'm not taking much of a break this summer- the US jollies Rowan and I went on back in April were our big hols of the year, so the summer has been nose to the grindstone time. The trouble is though that is dashed difficult to get a huge amount done when everyone else is off on their jollies.

This is just a general observation- I've no idea how it gets fixed unless we return to the Victorian era practice of entire towns taking a break for the same week over the summer- Blackpool grew up on this practice, and to this day the town has a distinct atmosphere in the Liverpool week and Glasgow week.

Getting an organisation like the BBC to lock in to this sort of practice hasn't a snowball in hell's chance. Would be nice if just once a week, or even a fortnight, back in 'term time' we had 'office days', where for just one day everyone would be doing their jobs, at their desks, answering phones and emails, not doing any training courses or on team 'away days' or at conferences or on holiday and if at all possible avoiding being ill. I can imagine the productivity would be startling- we could get a months work done in a day.

Meanwhile though I feel like I have spent the summer dragging boulders uphill on my own. Gnnnnr

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