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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A couple of requests

Tough one to write this, but I think it needs doing. Over a year ago Rowan, my wonderful wife, was in a bicycle accident and broke her jaw really badly- I feel woozy just thinking of the pain she endured so magnificently, and I'm so grateful to fate, the universe and everything, that she has made such a great recovery. Her cycle helmet saved her life, and for that I am grateful more than words can say.

Last week a very very good friend of mine took a tumble and wasn't wearing a helmet, and we're all now praying, hoping, making secret desperate deals with the fates in the profound wish that he makes it back to us from his current unconcious state. To be honest I didn't know how lucky we'd been until this weekend just gone. Rob's family, his partner, her family, all of Rob's friends and colleagues, we are just distraught with concern for our dear friend, and I know that if it hadn't been for Rowan's bike helmet I'd have been going through the same or worse eighteen months ago.

If you can spare a moment for Rob and Sarah in your thoughts I know they'd appreciate all the positivity you can spare- he's a strong guy, with a tremendous love for life and we're sure he'll make it back, but he's definately been up to the edge with this one.

And please, wear a helmet next time you're out on your bike, skateboard or blades or whatever. Please.

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