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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Makers in Brighton

circuskinetica1, originally uploaded by meeware1.

Today Row and I took a leisurely stroll across town for lunch at the Sanctuary (top little cafe and chill out space). Then we decided to check out a little art exhibition in the old boiler room of Embassy Court.

As we approached the gallery the way was crowded with glorious articulated geegaws, seemingly hewn from the sort of scrap that litters the dereliuct corners of town.

Inside the magical exhibition continued and there were some extraordinary musical sculptures too.

The guys behind the bizarre and magical windmill devices can be found at Circus Kinetica and I'm very keen to encourage them to come along to a Maker Faire at some stage.

Also very worthy of mention is the guy who is the main reason we ewent along at all- the very excellent and not at all short James Beasley- was doing live custom embroidery. Drawing quite a crowd too! James's work can be found at Alias Everything.

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