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Monday, May 07, 2007

Seen Straight and Fast

Almost wish..., no definitly wish I'd had something a tad sparkly to imbibe before seeing the spectacular that was Lola Rennt with a live soundtrack by the Bays at the brighton festival tonight. And hour and half of solid extremely loud utterly livid vibrant stomping hard core house and a brilliant film. I even managed to have a quick chat to the projectionist- tonights film was shown on one of the UKs two brightest digital projectors at 25,000 somethings, runing at 1000 by 2000 raw digital SDI of digi beta at SD. makes you realise how patchy an original it is- occasional artefact torrents and some really staggered contrasts and exposure.

BUT still and all I'm sitting here typing at ten to thr dozen listening to the soundtrack again determined to do something very fast and physical at some point soon. Graaaaaaaaah!

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