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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nissan Micra throttlebody circuit

This is the bit I soldered. Those three resistors on the right join up with the plug via three joints that are rather dry and matt in this shot. A bit of reheating, suck off the old solder, and resoldering and the car is back in action. It's been a little jerky this morning (we went to a car boot sale that was cancelled when we got there) but now seems to be running smoothly, and hasn't stalled since last night when we ran down to Asda. I think all the compensatory adjustments that have been made 'till now have her running a bit rough and rich. A quick retune and she'll be fine.

I hope!


Anonymous said...
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Doug Bromley said...

Is the Micra still going strong now? I just this minute got in after finishing doing this job on mine.

Its my first car and couldn't really afford to send it to a garage - especially when throttle bodies cost £100+.

meeware said...

Yeah, still running OK. She's just clocked round to 100K miles, and neeeds a bit of work here and there, and actually might warrant another throttle soldering- not stalling yet, but occasionally gets that 'fluttery' feeling on the throttle when you put your foot down. I may leave it till the weather clears up though- bit chilly to be footling round under the bonnet at the moment!