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Monday, February 04, 2008

Shifting sands

Some developments of late- my great erstwhile boss, Dr Richard Wright, has departed these shores for a three month sojourn in Lesotho. Richard is a total guru in the field of the engineering issues of large scale digital archives, and a really sound chap to boot. I've rather thrown my lot in with his crusade to save the BBC's archive from the vagaries of mistaken economies and other tribulations, and I'll do what I can to keep the fires burning in his absence, keeping an eye on his great wiki.

Meanwhile, we happy few who run the archive research projects have (for the most part) finally been accepted into the fold of Research & Innovation. We don't anticipate any radical changes in the near term, but this is an interesting change, and might make some difficulties easier to address.

One little update on the R&D project proposals front- we've had quite a few interesting ones for the Digital Libraries and Semantics calls, but still nothing with any real meat to it for the FET Forever Yours- at this rate I'll have to make something up myself! After all, there's 20 million euros going begging!